Bitrise step takes twice as long to process xcode files as opposed to the raw setup


Copying this over from `3.1.2` fails to find Xcode coverage files · Issue #16 · codecov/codecov-bitrise · GitHub

The only issue I have with it is the processing time.
First I thought it just stuck on on ‘Running xcode coversion’ step.

However, when I added -v (verbose) flag into other flags, I found it did go through each source file to convert.
It took an extra 16 minutes to convert all files and create a coverage .json file.

If I do it via solution from here it takes 8 minutes only.

Is there any way to optimize this conversion process?


Codecov Output

Expected Results

Processing takes only 8ish minutes on this repo

Actual Results

Processing takes about 16 minutes

Additional Information