Can FlowcoverProcessor be used with the JSON produced by `flow coverage --json`?

I’d like to track flow type coverage of projects I’m working on using codecov. I’m curious if FlowcoverProcessor listed in on can be used to upload JSON produced by flow coverage --json. If so, how does a person go about doing so?

Hi @kevinbarabash

The bash uploader should detect and upload those files. Can you share what you have tried, and any errors you are seeing?

@drazisil I haven’t tried yet. I’ll give it a try this weekend. I have projects that are already reporting test coverage from reports generated by jest. Does codecov support having two separate reports for the same project? I don’t want to merge flow type coverage with jest test coverage since they’re two different concepts and it doesn’t make sense to merge them.

Is there any special name I should give to the .json file produced by flow or any special location? I’m going to try save the file to flow-coverage/coverage.json. Do you think that’ll work?

That should work and be picked up by the bash uploader.

I agree that trying both types on the same repo may be messy.