Codecov status does not show up in GitHub commits anymore


Codecov status does not appear in GitHub commits anymore


Commit SHAs

this is the latest working commit:


if you look at the most recent commits the Codecov status does not show up anymore.

Is this something that I can fix on my side, for example an account misconfiguration or such?


Hi @drakkan, would you be able to post your codecov.yml file? We can take a look to see if there’s an issue there.


I don’t have a codecov.yml file in my repository, so I should use the default settings, they worked well until March 15th 2020


Hi @drakkan, dug in a bit more here. We are experiencing some issues with GitHub GitHub public repository issues

Are you using the Codecov app?

Hi @tom, I’m not using the Codecov app have I to use it to solve the issue? thanks

Hi @drakkan, switching to the app should resolve your issues going forward.

Hi @tom, I installed the app and I have codecov status in GitHub again, thank you

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