How to temporarily turn off codecov on a github repository?

Dear codecov team,

since the problem with unconfigurable github statuses prevails and we are constantly annoyed with failing statuses, we would like to turn off all codecov activity on our repo until the new version of codecov is deployed.

Is there any way to do so without removing the project from codecov completely?

Hi @jomuel

I understand the frustration. In order to show Codecov from knowing about your repo you would need to delete the webhooks for Codecov on the project and stop uploading reports.

Since we last talked, we have created a whitelist to place customers on the new notify task ahead of schedule and I have added you to it. If you are willing try once more, I believe this will solve you issues.

Thanks. Of course we will try the new version when it is rolled out, but for now we will disable Codecov.

What I meant by whitelisting is I have placed you on the new version as of my last post.