Ignore all directories named `test` recursively?

I’ve tried several ways to make this happen through the codecov.io file. None of these have worked. What I’m looking for is to recursively ignore any directory named test as my project has many of those.

I tried looking for documentation on how this works explicitly but I can’t figure it out. My best solution so far is to add the argument -g '*/test/*' to the bash uplaoder script (which then is used by find).

Here are some of the things I’ve tried:

  - "**/test/.*"
  - "**/**/test/.*"
  - ".*\/test\/.*"
  - "/test/"
  - "test"
  - ".*test.*"
  - ".*/test"
  - "*/test"
  - "**/test"

It would be really nice if there was just a way for us to validate these expressions against specific paths or to edit the file codecov.io and see the affect on our project. The documentation says it accepts regular expressions, yet while some of these work just fine with grep against paths containing a directory called test they do not work in codecov.io.

I think "*/**/test/* should work, can you try that one?

It actually takes globs, which aren’t quite regexes. I’ll update the docs.

Here is the actual validator line 'ignore': N(list_of('glob'))