Is there a way to exclude auto-generated classes?


Exclude auto-generated classes automatically instead of adding them to exclude list, specifically: Lombok @Data classes.





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For example, Jacoco does this:

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In my projects lomboks @Data classes are completely ignored already.

For Example:

This file is not listed here because it contains 0 cover-able lines

Does that mean Constant classes are also ignore automatically? If that’s the case, this is so super cool.

Jacoco Reports for every class/file

  • how many instructions/lines the file contains
  • which of these instructions/lines are covered

If a file contains zero coverable instructions it’s completely ignored by codecov

@Data class doesn’t seem to be getting ignored for me.

Any update on this? I don’t want to add explicit ignore rules for each @Data class.

Hi @cueball, I’m not super familiar with Lombok, but would ignoring paths be useful for you?