Question about codecov result


I’m confused why the result is like this when I didn’t modify this specific file at all:

Repository (link to PR)

specific codecov url:


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Chrome, Windows 10

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It looks like the commit before yours, had three uploaded reports

Yours had one:

Your uploaded coverage report shows no coverage for that line <line num="52" type="stmt" count="0"/>

Therefore, I would assume this line is only covered by one of the reports that was not uploaded.

Thank you for replying, drazisil! I really appreciate it.

I see… is this something I can fix from my end? I’m just not sure if I could and how.

Without digging into the Travis jobs and the tests, I’m not sure offhand. What I would probably suggest is to check the after: steps of your Jobs where Codecov uploads and see if you can locate any errors.

The uploader does not fail the Job on purpose so all the steps will be green, but there may still be errors. If you can find one, bring it back to me and we’ll see what happened.