503 Service Unavailable / no healthy upstream

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Uploading coverage fails with this error:

503 Service Unavailable
no healthy upstream

The endpoint being uploaded to is: https://codecov.io/upload/v2


Expected Results

Something more like this:

Actual Results

503 Service Unavailable
no healthy upstream

… and the results don’t appear on the codecov website.

Additional Information

Started failing consistently about 36 hours ago.

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I’m getting the same issue with my R repo: Add badges to README.md · palaeoverse-community/palaeoverse@ed9f984 · GitHub.
Other R developers are also getting the same issue: `covr::codecov()` upload to codecov.io fails with 503 error · Issue #512 · r-lib/covr · GitHub.


Looks like this might be resolved? The codecov status page lists multiple SSL issues over the last couple days which I’m guessing are to blame.

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I’d temporarily disabled codecov.io uploads on my repos (which is not a major issue as I am also using Coveralls.io — they provide slightly different statistics, so I find it useful to have both). I’ll re-enable it and see what happens.

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Now I need to figure out how to mark this issue as resolved.

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