Action v2 doesn't support pytest coverage default output?


Upgrading to v2 resulted in Error!: Error: No coverage files located, please try use -f, or change the project root with -R``.

Specifying files: .coverage made the upload succeed, but then had a generic error (no code) on Codecov: There was an error processing coverage reports.

Finally, switching the output to xml seemed to fix it. Is the default output of pytest --cov no longer supports.

Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL

GitHub Actions.


GitHub action codecov/codecov-action@v2

Codecov Output

26](Codecov test. · coady/pytest-parametrized@4a56522 · GitHub){“status”:“success”,“resultURL”:“Code coverage done right.”}

Expected Results

Coverage report.

Actual Results

No coverage report.

Additional Information

@coady did this use to work for you? I believe we have had issues and you need to output xml for us to process the report.

Yes, it used to work in the v1 action. But ok, xml it is.