Android + Bitrise + Codecov ignore is not working

I am new bee in the codecov implementation. I am implementing codecov for my android library. I have read the codecov documentation, I have added the “Jococo” plugin in gradle. Locally everything working perfect, On the bitrise also Jococo gradlew commands working fine.

I have added codecov.yml file in my main directory and bitrise log is also saying yml detected. But I have added ignore command in that file which is not at all working.

  token: "my_token"

  - "app/src/main"

Hi @ChinmayAcharya28, please provide a commit SHA and links to the failures.

Hi @tom ,

Please find commit SHA 5f11aeaafc50d571d968333afa3e47158751db1b

Can you please let me know, which link you have asked?

@ChinmayAcharya28 apologies I didn’t get to this sooner. Do you have another more recent commit SHA with the issue? Also, a link to the Codecov page showing you this error and/or a Bitrise link. Anything that can help.

Can you also provide the expected and actual results you are seeing?