Bash Uploader Syntax Fails in Ubuntu 18.04


When trying to upload my project’s JaCoCo code coverage reports using the codecov bash uploader, I get a syntax error. I’m using an Ubuntu 18.04.3 environment. Does someone know the syntax for the bash uploader in Ubuntu 18.04.3?



Ubuntu 18.04.3

Additional Information

Here are the relevant build logs:

[Container] 2020/02/02 16:40:00 Running command bash <(curl -s
5200 /codebuild/output/tmp/ 4: /codebuild/output/tmp/ Syntax error: “(” unexpected
5202 [Container] 2020/02/02 16:40:00 Command did not exit successfully bash <(curl -s exit status 2
5203 [Container] 2020/02/02 16:40:00 Phase complete: POST_BUILD State: FAILED
5204 [Container] 2020/02/02 16:40:00 Phase context status code: COMMAND_EXECUTION_ERROR Message: Error while executing command: bash <(curl -s Reason: exit status 2

Is it possibly Jenkins?

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Thanks for the suggestion @drazisil ! I tried the code in the link you provided, but it didn’t work either. I ended up getting it to work by writing the codecov bash uploader to a file and then running that file:

curl -s >

I’m glad it works now :slight_smile: !!