Changed codecov.yml seems not to be found


we have an open PR in our repo with several changes to codecov.yml, including the name change from .codecov.yml to codecov.yml (as required in the current docs).
Most of all we want to disable patch statuses and set a 1% threshold.

The changes have no effect on the PR builds though, and checking the yaml on the report page I noticed that it’s the old yaml of the master branch (not even the develop branch that we want to merge into). The validation tool confirms the new yaml is valid.

Hi @jomuel

If you can provide me a commit SHA I can check and see what’s happening.

Of the topmost commit in the build? 5d6a6d5c9863515374db515788caee43ec875dd4

Optional('skip_if_assumes'): <class 'bool'>}) did not validate {'target': '55%', 'threshold': '1%', 'flags': 'unit'}
Key 'flags' error:
Or(None, [Regex('^[\\w\\.\\-]{1,45}$')]) did not validate 'unit'
'unit' should be instance of 'list'

Looks like your flags section is off. Can you share the codecov.yml here and we’ll take a look?

Edit: Didn’t realize this was public, looking…

(as an aside, our old validate endpoint is not yet linked to our new, stricter, validator, so it’s only 97% trustworthy right now)

I think it’s upset because you aren’t defining the flags anywhere, that I can see. They need to be defined under the top-level flags key in order to be used in the status.

I see. I made a new build with a flags section added and it still does nothing…

New commit hash: 7a11005b6bee20b4a313581f8702cf7fcf436bf0

We correctly detected and processed the codecov.yml on that commit, and I see we updated the PR commit (meaning you likely got fresh statues.

I wonder if the force push is breaking things. Can you try adding a normal commit (not force-pushed)?

Meanwhile, I’ll dig to see why things appear to not be working still.

Sure, I will try that.

Edit: Didn’t change anything either…

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Noted. Asking for some help on this.

So, any news on this?

I tried, but I haven’t been able to pair with an engineer yet. I have some time on the calendar for later this week, I will keep you posted.

Hi @jomuel

After some digging with my engineer I believe you are hitting this issue: Cannot disable codecov/patch check?

^^ Link to the solution post. If you can wait, this should behave as expected in a week or two.