Codecov merge report issue

Hi there i have an Android application that have multiple modules with jacoco each one depends on a different library to provide test coverage. I want them merged in codecov but it doesn’t seem to work for me.


Problem is that when i upload the two modules based on the new coverage for the same codebase they aren’t merged after because each module that isn’t been generated when uploaded says 0 and after i upload the new coverage report is shown as 0 for the previously covered code. I expect codecov to merge both uploads so i can see the full coverage report after.


Private repo


No issues with upload i can see reports being uploaded. And working quite well.

Codecov Output

Not using any atm.

Expected Results

Should provide coverage for both modules based on each specific report that was uploaded previously. Even if the new one states 0.

Actual Results

Codecov shows the latest report but does shows 0 coverage for the other module that hasn’t been used when the report was generated.

Additional Information

Highly appreciated any help! Thank you

@nikiizvorski I’m not really sure I understand your question. Can you be more specific with what you mean by the two modules aren’t showing coverage? Are you uploading both coverage reports?

Hey @tom We could close the question. I have figured it out. problem was the gradle cache on my side. But i do have another problem with the coverage report. I have 83-84% at best in my coverage local jacoco report and codecov only shows 71.6% i am not really sure what’s missing i saw some classes were not taken in consideration so i removed them but still maybe it’s my rules. If someone could help will be much appreciated.

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Hi @nikiizvorski, would you be able to share a commit and maybe a few lines that you expect to be covered but are not?

Hey @tom i don’t think there are lines that aren’t covered. The difference i see in my local report is i have some new Impl which is covered and showing and in codecov that’s missing maybe its the ignore i have. I will check it a bit later and update you. Thank you for the quick response. The problem i am facing is mostly the report % since local says 84% and codecov 71.6%

Got it @nikiizvorski. Could it be partials? We do not consider partial hits to be fully covered.

Hey @tom i believe that is. I will need to look more into it and comeback. I am actually facing another problem now. I do get No file found to compare i have attached a screenshot but when i go to the commit i can see the files and the coverage for them…i think it’s a codecov for sure…

It’s a problem i am facing on multiple projects. Do you know how to fix that. My local report is actually fine and works perfectly fine…

This repo is public i believe so you can see the problem: Codecov

Check it now and then click on the commit then go for that commit and see the files and the report for them…

Hi @nikiizvorski sorry for the delay here. Can you provide a URL to where you are seeing that error No file found to compare.?

Hey @tom yes you can check it here: Codecov

It’s a public repo i have setuped the default branch to be another branch by default and when you go to it it shows coverage but files are like this

And like this

I thought it’s only our project but it isn’t we have multiple projects that have the same issue.

Would be very very grateful if we could solve this.

Kind regards!

@nikiizvorski This is so strange, I see the files listed in the dashboard. Are you logged in?


Hey @tom yes you can but when you click on them says the error these aren’t files they are folders. And also i am logged in multiple people have the same problem. Private and public repos different repos not only the same type projects

Hi @nikiizvorski I think this should be fixed now.