Codecov mix all commits from different branches


After a CI build the lcov file is sent to codecov through the API, using the npm module codecov (v 3.5.0)

Once i reach the branch result on your webapp, there is a mix of different commits that doesn’t belong to the right branch.
the coverage graph is not available and everything seems mes sup



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Hard to reproduce in steps but visible on my organization page.

Expected behavior: having the correct code coverage result

Actual behavior: having different coverage ( different branch )

Flakiness? [Does this happen all the time or only sometimes?]


Additional Information

Hi @buenjybar

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Can you share an example commit that is showing on the wrong branch? Also, which branch did you upload it from, using the uploader?

I’m also experiencing this issue. In a commit on the master branch on our repository, we see:
==> Uploading reports
query: branch=master&commit=a41b03d111f65b531496b3b53231071cedaad8f6&build=508510&build_url=&name=&tag=&slug=scaleapi%2Fscaleapi&service=circleci&flags=&pr=&job=0
-> Pinging Codecov
-> Uploading
-> View reports at

but when we go to the aforementioned report link, it’s tagged with a different branch name.