Connection timed out error


I’m regularly getting the “Connection timed out” error.



Travis CI


Bash uploader

Commit SHAs

Codecov YAML

Codecov Output

The command "if [[ -n “{TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST_SLUG}" && "{TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST_SLUG}” != “{TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG}" ]]; then echo "The pull request from {TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST_SLUG} is an EXTERNAL pull request. Skip sonar analysis.”
sh Scripts/
sh Scripts/
" exited with 7.

Steps to Reproduce

Just upload

Expected behavior: Successful upload.

Actual behavior: “Connection timed out” error.

Flakiness? Always.

Hi @utilForever, can you provide the full Codecov output from this line or a link to the Travis build that is failing?

@tom Thanks for quick reply. :smiley:

@utilForever, I’m making some guesses here because this script seems to be doing a lot. Googling shows that exit code 7 on Travis is likely a failed curl command. We are working on moving the bash script to a CDN, but until then, I would suggest adding --retry 5 to the command

@tom Thanks! I added the command --retry 5 and works normally. :fireworks:

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