Coverage badge on a per-directory basis


Allow multiple coverage badges within a single repo on a per-directory basis.


Currently coverage badges are on a per-repo basis. It would be useful to enable finer-grain coverage badges in the case that a monorepo has multiple packages and coverage on a per-package basis would like to be featured directly in a README.


The specific use-case at hand is wanting to feature multiple coverage badges within a monorepo for each sub-package.


Using github, github actions, and markdown for the relevant package READMEs.

It currently is possible to have multiple coverage badges per flag, do you have a monorepo situation that fits this?

Oh awesome - this looks promising. Will definitely try this out!

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Hi just wondering if you know of any public repos that implement coverage badges at the package level (e.g. an example of a monorepo that has this). Would be cool to see how others do it :slight_smile:

Hi @rajivpo, I’m sorry I wish I had better data on this, but we don’t.