Coverage chart is not reflecting the entire score

The coverage chart is not reflecting the entire score. It is presenting only the percent referent to the first folder.

Hey @henrique-morbin are you using the Flags feature? Are you running your full CI build / all jobs each commit, or just some of the builds?

Hi, @jerrod thanks for answering. I am not using Flags and I do running just for some commits because I am in setup phase.

But what I am reporting is that the chart is showing only the first folder. Take a look in files at bottom of the page:

FasterCore => 41%
FasterRemoteConfig => 93%
Project Totals => 70%

Code Chart -> 41% only

Hey @henrique-morbin – there is a bug on the date as to when these charts are caching. I’ve submitted accordingly.

For example, for you specifically, the last time your chart updated was a month ago:

More to come here


Noting for Codecov teammates: bug created and tracked under CE-703