Coverage from across multiple repos in a single report


Our organization has split an application across multiple repositories in Github. I’m using Travis for testing.


Using pytest-cov, I’m able to include multiple --cov arguments to generate data for the different repos, including the one with the tests being run. When I upload the report to, I only see files from the repo with the Travis build (even though I can see the other files if I tell coverage to print its report to the terminal too).

I’m not sure a path fixer is the right approach – won’t be able to find that file in the main repo.


# pyproject.toml
addopts = "-rs --cov-report=xml --cov-report=term --cov=main --cov repo2 --cov repo3"

where main is the repo with the tests, and repo2 and repo3 are python packages installed from other repos. Note: I could look at coverage from repo2 and repo3 separately based on their own tests but that’s not what I want, I want to know how much coverage the tests in main provide to the other repos.


I’m using the latest versions of pytest-cov and very simple codecov handling.

@qci-amos, unfortunately, it’s not possible to upload one file for multiple repositories like this. Because repositories are considered first-class citizens and a coverage report is tied to a commit on that repo, you would need to upload that coverage report to Codecov for each repository.