Covering auto-generated files not checked into git

This is a follow up to Using with nodejs test runner? - #5 by Elringus

I’m covering code generated on build, which is not checked into git.

The code is not known at compile time and has to be generated on build (hence it can’t be checking in git), but still needs to be tested and covered; I believe that’s a fair use case.

Everything works fine locally and on CI: I can test and generate coverage report for the generated code (vitest command: But codecov ignores the report, because the covered files are not in git.

My current workaround is to throw an error when coverage is below 100%, but I really wish codecov could support generated files.

@Elringus this is really good feedback. I would suggest copy+pasting this into our feedback repo so that it can get investigated.

Done: Covering auto-generated files not checked into git · Issue #91 · codecov/feedback · GitHub