Error processing coverage reports on all commits

Hi, on our repository the reports are not visible for a reason I don’t understand (it’s a public repository that used to be private)

See this one : fix(deps): update dependency chalk to v4.1.1 · Esya/oasis-wallet@70c5204 · GitHub

Matching commit on codecov : Code coverage done right.

The reports are displayed as uploaded in GitHub actions, but are never visible on codecov

Thanks !

@Esya I think you need to run the actions/checkout@v2 step

I thought only the coverage files were needed for the bash uploader ? Io optimise the CI times we were only passing the coverage artifacts to codecov, but I can definitely checkout the code too if that is needed.

Aren’t the files/rest of the repository pulled by Codecov through the github integration ?

@Esya, we do some fixes at upload time that requires us to read files client-side. You PROBABLY can get away from using the checkout step if you change the call to Codecov by adding

  functionalities: fix,network