Failed to parse the coverage file without clear reason

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The file coverage upload with “unknown error”


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[2022-07-25T11:57:29.123Z] ['info'] Using manual override from args.
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.123Z] ['info'] Detected GitHub Actions as the CI provider.
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] -> Using the following env variables:
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_ACTION: __codecov_codecov-action
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_HEAD_REF: TWEEQ-2382-fix-mastercard-bi
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_REF: refs/pull/2311/merge
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_REPOSITORY: tweeqsa/cigar
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_RUN_ID: 2731934473
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_SERVER_URL:
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_SHA: 176cf982a4f2b834211e49879aa7b449403aaef1
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_WORKFLOW: Test and lint
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] Using the following upload parameters:
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] branch
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] build
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] buildURL
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] commit
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] job
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] pr
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] service
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] slug
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] name
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] tag
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.124Z] ['verbose'] flags
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.125Z] ['verbose'] parent
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.127Z] ['info'] Pinging Codecov:*******&branch=TWEEQ-2382-fix-mastercard-bi&build=2731934473&
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.127Z] ['verbose'] Passed token was 36 characters long
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.127Z] ['verbose']
        Content-Type: 'text/plain'
        Content-Encoding: 'gzip'
        X-Reduced-Redundancy: 'false'
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.478Z] ['info']
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.480Z] ['verbose'] Returned upload url:
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.480Z] ['info'] Uploading...
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.934Z] ['info'] ***"status":"success","resultURL":""***
[2022-07-25T11:57:29.935Z] ['verbose'] End of uploader: 44081 milliseconds

Expected Results

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To see the coverage in the web.

Actual Results

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the uploader successfully uploads the coverage file but the is error parsing it and I can not figure out why

Additional Information

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Hi @mashail, I’m not totally certain why it didn’t parse, but I noticed that recent commits are showing as being properly parsed. Is this still an issue?

@tom I can point you to the exact commit it happened after upgrading bazel workspace

@tom if you may check this commit 678aaa3

@mashail I’m sorry, this definitely slipped my mind. Are you still experiencing the issue? Do you have a recent commit I can take a look at?