Flags overwriting each other


I’m currently using codecov with two flags: taggercore and taggercli.
Unfortunately the UI does not show coverage for both flags ( taggercore/** and taggercli/** ).
I added the carryforward flag because the github actions running tests and uploading the reports are independent.
Although the flag is set coverage reports from taggercore still overwrite taggercli reports and vice versa.


Github repo


Github Actions


Github codecov action

Codecov YAML

YAML on github

Hi @tobHai, can I have more details here? Do you have a recent commit SHA of this happening and what do you expect the coverage to be as opposed to what it is showing?

Hi @tom,
I added a third flag to the project a few days ago and now the coverage is shown for every flag correctly.
So it seems to work now!

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Awesome, glad to hear!