Github Checks do not Show Up

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  • Github Checks are not showing up on my pull requests (I’d expect both patch and project checks)
  • I see Unable to find commit in Github in the codecov UI (see attached image)


Private Repository

Codecov Output

Please provide the full output of running the uploader on your CI/CD. This will typically have the Codecov logo as ASCII.

Run codecov/codecov-action@v2
==> linux OS detected
==> SHASUM file signed by key id 806bb28aed779869
==> Uploader SHASUM verified (cae21e490c24b05c3802c7001a1540a7f83d46cb4f1eadf14e76627094c65cb8  codecov)
==> Running version latest
==> Running version v0.2.0
/home/runner/work/_actions/codecov/codecov-action/v2/dist/codecov -n  -Q github-action-2.1.0 -Z -v
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.292Z] ['verbose'] Start of uploader: 1651633987292...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.297Z] ['info'] 
     _____          _
    / ____|        | |
   | |     ___   __| | ___  ___ _____   __
   | |    / _ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __/ _ \ \ / /
   | |___| (_) | (_| |  __/ (_| (_) \ V /
    \_____\___/ \__,_|\___|\___\___/ \_/

  Codecov report uploader 0.2.0
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.304Z] ['info'] => Project root located at: /home/runner/work/v2-interface/v2-interface
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.304Z] ['info'] ->  Token found by environment variables
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.305Z] ['verbose'] Start of network processing...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.305Z] ['verbose'] Searching for files in /home/runner/work/v2-interface/v2-interface
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.314Z] ['verbose'] Skipping coveragepy conversion: Error: coveragepy is not installed
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.314Z] ['info'] Searching for coverage files...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.401Z] ['info'] Warning: Some files located via search were excluded from upload.
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.401Z] ['info'] If Codecov did not locate your files, please review
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.401Z] ['verbose'] Preparing to clean the following coverage paths: coverage/clover.xml,coverage/coverage-final.json,coverage/
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.402Z] ['info'] => Found 3 possible coverage files:
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.403Z] ['verbose'] End of network processing
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.403Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/v2-interface/v2-interface/coverage/clover.xml...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.405Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/v2-interface/v2-interface/coverage/coverage-final.json...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.405Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/v2-interface/v2-interface/coverage/
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['info'] Detected GitHub Actions as the CI provider.
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose'] -> Using the following env variables:
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_ACTION: __codecov_codecov-action
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_HEAD_REF: 
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_REF: refs/heads/jedi/readme-update-and-build
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_REPOSITORY: Alkimiya/v2-interface
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_RUN_ID: 2267525897
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_SERVER_URL:
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.408Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_SHA: d5b340d11a459a7aa41ae6a50e605bf6367a772f
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose']      GITHUB_WORKFLOW: Run tests
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] Using the following upload parameters:
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] branch
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] build
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] buildURL
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] commit
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.409Z] ['verbose'] job
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] pr
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] service
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] slug
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] name
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] tag
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] flags
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.410Z] ['verbose'] parent
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.412Z] ['info'] Pinging Codecov:*******&branch=jtan%2Freadme-update-and-build&build=2267525897&
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.412Z] ['verbose'] Passed token was 36 characters long
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.412Z] ['verbose']
        Content-Type: 'text/plain'
        Content-Encoding: 'gzip'
        X-Reduced-Redundancy: 'false'
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.732Z] ['info']
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.733Z] ['verbose'] Returned upload url:
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.733Z] ['info'] Uploading...
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.939Z] ['info'] {"status":"success","resultURL":""}
[2022-05-04T03:13:07.939Z] ['verbose'] End of uploader: 647 milliseconds

Expected Results

Please provide what you expect to have happened (e.g. a file that has missing coverage on a particular line).

Actual Results

No github checks show up on my pull request.

Additional Information

Here’s my github action:

name: Run tests

on: [push, pull_request]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
          fetch-depth: 2 # So Codecov can get the commit SHA
      - name: Use Node
        uses: actions/setup-node@v1
          node-version: 14.x
      - name: Install dependencies
        run: yarn install
      - name: Run tests
        run: yarn run test --coverage # generates coverage
      - name: Upload coverage to Codecov
        uses: codecov/codecov-action@v2
          token: ${{ secrets.CODECOV_TOKEN }}
          fail_ci_if_error: true
          verbose: true

I do not have a codecov.yml in my repository, the (default) one used in the codecov UI as reported is:

  require_ci_to_pass: true
  behavior: default
  layout: reach,diff,flags,tree,reach
  show_carryforward_flags: false
  precision: 2
  - 70.0
  - 100.0
  round: down
    changes: false
      flag_coverage_not_uploaded_behavior: include
    patch: true
    project: true
  annotations: true

The Codecov UI claims to say that CI has failed, but I don’t know where to find logs / find information about why it failed.

@jedialkimiya please add the Codecov GitHub app to this repo

I’ve already added it to this repo unfortunately, any other ideas for things I should check?

@jedialkimiya would you be able to remove access and reinstall? (turn it off and turn it back on again). Sometimes, the initial webhook from GitHub is a bit wonky.