Help understanding red and yellow on the same exception line of code


Codecov reports from gcov generated xml show red and yellow lines for the same exception message. I have a test that triggers this exception. I don’t know how to interpret that (I assume all lines should be green as the exception is thrown). See here:

Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL

GitHub Actions. See github workflow job for coverage: ncio/ci-github-actions.yaml at main · ORNL/ncio · GitHub


Using the codecov uploader action: ncio/ci-github-actions.yaml at main · ORNL/ncio · GitHub
Codecov · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

Codecov Output

Output here, unfold “Upload Coverage” step: Merge pull request #63 from williamfgc/bump-coverage · ORNL/ncio@37e1e18 · GitHub?

Expected Results

Should be all green, not red and yellow on the same exception
See here:

Actual Results

See problem description in first bullet.

Additional Information

html report generated locally with gcov shows all green

Hi @williamfgc, if you view the raw upload, you’ll see these lines

            <line number="205" hits="12" branch="true" condition-coverage="50% (2/4)">
                <condition number="0" type="jump" coverage="50%"/>

Because we are also pulling in branch coverage, the yellow means that this is a partial hit. As not all branches are covered, we do not show it as green.