How to delay Codecov reports on GitHub actions until all runners have their tests pass

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I have Codecov set up to work on GitHub PRs, both via the runner and a report in the PR itself. I have several GitHub actions runners that each submit individual codecov reports that get collated in the end to give the full coverage statistics. However, Codecov provides a report after every runner passes which can provide misleading results before the test suite completes. Additionally, if someone opens a PR and one of the runners is failing, the coverage will appear to be greatly reduced compared to main even though it’s simply because the test failed.

Is there a way to have Codecov only show the report when all coverage reports have been uploaded from the test suite?


You can see an example of it in action here: [WIP] QuAcc Q-Chem by samblau · Pull Request #393 · Quantum-Accelerators/quacc · GitHub

Codecov Output

Expected Results

It’s behaving as expected, but I would like to alter the settings so contributors aren’t confused as much.

Actual Results

See above.

@arosen93 you can check out after_n_builds which will defer notifications until Codecov has received n uploads.