How to fail CI build if Codecov target not met?

I am using Codecov step in my workflow in Bitrise.
I want, if the coverage it’s less that target in the file.yml, that the build in bitrise fail.
is it possible?, is there any way to fail Bitrise build process if coverage minimum requierement it is minor that the target?

This is my codecov.yml in my Android project, with a hard target, I seek to force the failure:

curl --data-binary @codecov.yml

“coverage”: {
“precision”: 2,
“round”: “down”,
“range”: [
“status”: {
“patch”: {
“default”: {
“target”: 100.0
“project”: {
“default”: {
“target”: 100.0
“comment”: {
“layout”: “reach, diff, flags, files”

Thanks if can help me.

@juanignacio_18 unfortunately we cannot make the Bitrise build fail, but with the way you have it set up, we should be failing a status check on your provider (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket).

Thanks Tom for your answer.
I have configured with webhooks in bitrise, so, I have to use bitbucket pipelines?, for example, with this failure?


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