How to revoke private repo access


I used to accept that codecov can access my private repositories. But for now, I want it can only access my public repositories.

I’ve tried this:

  1. log out codecov and revoke codecov’s access on github,
  2. Re-login with github.

But the result is that codecov ask private repository read/write access directly which is different from my first login.

Commit SHAs




CI/CD or Build URL




Codecov Output


Expected Results

There is some ways to limit codecov’s access to github repositories.

Actual Results

codecov ask private repository read/write access

Additional Information

I find a similar post and knowing that I could limit access by set scope, but I don’t know how to deal with it.

@Gu-Miao can you try clearing your cookies?

Thanks a lot! After clearing cookies I could get what I want. :+1: