Introduce yourselves!

We love our community and want to learn as much as we can about you. Give us a quick introduction about yourself with some ideas below:

  • Current role
  • Location
  • Favorite developer tools
  • Favorite open source repositories
  • Why you love Codecov
  • Any other fun facts!

Hi everyone! I’m Tom from Codecov where I am the developer relations lead. I’m based out of New York, and aside from Codecov, my favorite developer tools are vim and wakatime. As a python developer at heart, I’m in love with ipdb and profilehooks. I love that Codecov works deep in the developer workflow making it easier to handle code coverage. I am an avid rock climber, and I was a professional bartender.

Aside from being the best code coverage tool, Codecov has some of the most inspiring developers in its community, and I’m honored and humbled to be a part of it


Hi all. I’m Ed, a Lead Frontend Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Long time supporter of Codecov and help out with the codecov-node package. My favourite tools at the moment are VS Code and Cypress.

Codecov really gives me the piece of mind that my code is covered and I can see where I still need tests. I like to make it a game to see how high I can get the test coverage :smile:


I’m Joe. I love to torture nodejs into doing things probably better suited for other languages, dabble in other languages, and am a big fan of CI and code coverage. I generally try to get the numbers as high as possible too, even if it means my programs dont actually do anything. :innocent:

When not programming or working (hah!) I like hanging out in the woods or near the water. My friends have not yet convinced me I’m not Groot.


Hi @tom, I’m in my second career as a software engineer. I’m a bit strange from what I understand in that I actually like writing unit tests. Given that oddity, I’ve enjoyed using codecov so far! It has been surprisingly easy to use and very informative! I’m currently coding in Python professionally, but I like Java and use it in most of my personal projects. I also enjoy automating builds and tests by playing around in CI/CD.

I enjoy reading and mountain biking in my free time - just not at the same time :P.

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Hello Codecov community! I’m Robert and I just recently moved to Philadelphia. I’m a full stack developer by day and data scientist by night, and my preferred programming language is javascript. I’m just getting started with Codecov and I’m excited to play around with it this weekend. I’ve done a lot of work with CircleCI and TravisCI. And of course, being a javascript developer spend a little time every day with Jest. Outside of programming, I like to travel - I’ve been to every continent and the country I want to visit most is Mali. Looking forward to being part of the community!

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Kevin Alwell here, Enterprise Solutions Engineer for GitHub based in NJ.

My favorite DevTools are GitHub (of course), VSC, SonicPI, CodeCov, AFrame, Angular, Node, and anything JS.

CodeCov holds me accountable, so my code quality doesn’t slip as I continue to develop new features. I like the coverage report and integration into my PR workflow.

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I’m Wisdom a Mobile developer I work for Savics, A software engineer with considerable experience in mobile development, native Android, and IOS development(Xcode), flutter dev, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin multiplatform, technical writing, community building/management, Firebase developer, Mongo Realm DB.
• Developed apps from the ground up and published them successfully on Google Play
• Built open-source library and a fan of open source
• Experience modern architecture, and development practices
• Write clean and maintainable codes
• Share knowledge by writing technical blogs.
• a technical writer(GSOD 2020 participant).

Hello Wisdom! I’m Jerrod, the CEO, welcome to our community :slight_smile: