Missing coverage

The lines from 14 to 19 are covered, yet codecov somehow ignored that.

github.com/arvenil/kata/format/templates/templates.go:14.37,19.17 5 0
github.com/arvenil/kata/format/templates/templates.go:22.3,22.41 1 0
github.com/arvenil/kata/format/templates/templates.go:19.18,20.4 0 0
github.com/arvenil/kata/format/templates/templates.go:33.63,35.2 1 2

Maybe codecov is getting crazy because apparently coverage lines are not in order.

Hi @arvenil, what did you use to generate the coverage report? If you inspect the coverage lines here and use the 2nd number, Codecov is properly parsing them. It seems like you are expecting the first number to be the one.

I’d like to know a little more information here to see why that might be.