New file created in PR shows no coverage


When someone submits a PR with a new file, I cannot figure out how to view the new file’s code coverage.


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tl;dr How can I view the test coverage on a new file?

Visit the changes tab for the pull and expand the new file.

The file not showing up in the files tab is something we are aware of, I’m not sure if it will be changed in the current UI, or in the much clearer UI redesign that is in progress and coming soon.

Not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place but it still doesn’t look like its working

We are investigating this view. Since the file was not in the base coverage, there will be no changes to see here at the PR level. If you view the commit, and then files, are you able to see the coverage?

I have the same issue. I created a new PR in github that addes a few new files. The changes also include new tests. However, i cannot see the coverage in for the new files in any view on codecov - PR or commit.

Hi @survyvaish, please open a new ticket for this so we can investigate appropriately.

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