No coverage shown for source files with html percent encoded characters in name


For some reason my browser (Firefox 99) insists on percent-encoding special characters in the URL for some github repos on codecov… I can’t work out the logic but if it does do this then codecov does not find the coverage file for the percent-encoded version. E.g.:

shows 0% coverage but:

shows 39% coverage. Matlab insists on using the “at” symbol for a class folder so I can’t avoid that character.

Expected Results

Coverage shows correctly regardless of whether the URL is html-percent-encoded or not

Actual Results

Coverage shows correctly only when URL is not percent encoded.

[Edit: had to put the URLs in code otherwise the links are not percent encoded!]

@mducle I just happened to try on latest Firefox (100.0) and it seems to handle the @ sign fine. Are you seeing it after the upgrade?

@tom Sorry for the delay, I just upgraded Firefox and it’s still an issue (it’s also present in Edge). If I go to the file tree:

and then click on one of the @ folders (e.g. @spinw) the link itself contains the percent-encoded text - e.g. it directs me to:

this folder shows up ok, but if I then click on a file, e.g.

it doesn’t recognise it (shows zero coverage). But if I replace the %40 with @ then does retrieve the coverage information (42.1% coverage).

@mducle I’m sorry, I’m really having a hard time reproducing this. What OS are you running on? I don’t think it matters, but I’m a bit clueless.

@tom Actually it’s working now for me too. I don’t know what happened (I didn’t change anything)…

Thanks for looking into this!

(for reference I saw the issue on both Windows 10, Firefox 100.0.2 and Ubuntu 18.04, Firefox 97.0 - but in both cases the percent encoded URL is now correctly recognized - and the coverage shows up).

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