Old flags status checks still appear on PRs

I have a monorepo that uses codecov with flags to separate different tests.

I have the following set of tests:

  • Server Unit Tests
  • API Tests
  • Client Unit Tests
  • E2E Unit Tests

each one with its own flag to separate the reports.
While integrating with codecov, I tried different flag options in codecov.yaml to see what’s the best configuration to use in such a case.

Now, after settling down on flag names and such, when I open a new PR on GitHub, I still see all the old flags status checks saying Coverage not affected when comparing ....

How can I get rid of all of those old status checks that aren’t relevant anymore? I tried running Erase all content. on the project to delete old reports, but the old status checks still appear -__-

Here’s an example.
Everything marked in green is a final coverage (regarding naming convention) and red are old flag names that still appear on every PR.

please help!

The old flags are still there due to the settings here. The flags will continue to be carried forward as you are currently experiencing.

My advice would be to turn off carryforward and merge that into master. Have any outstanding PRs rebase/merge against it and when you are satisfied that there are no lingering flags, create a new PR that turns carryforward back on.