Partial tests and carryforward flags

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This is sort of a general question. We have a repo where PR from “trusted” sources get the full test suite, but due to secrets in the CI environment, PR from untrusted sources (i.e. forks instead of branches) only get partially tested. This results in a huge drop in coverage for these partial tests even though they’re probably fine.

From my understanding of carryforward flags, they are not really applicable here because the two sets of tests are not exactly distinct in terms of files (as would be in a monorepo). Just wondering if there’s any way to do this, but no worries if not because I don’t really see how codecov can know if a drop in coverage is due to partial test or due to an actual regression.


Bash uploader

HI @nwu63, I think carryforward flags might actually be what you are looking for. Flags are really just a label for individual coverage reports. So if you have say coverage report 1 (for all open tests) and coverage report 2 (for all tests that can only be run by “trusted” sources), then you could put a flag on both of them accordingly and carryforward the coverage report 2. Let me know if that makes sense to you.