Patch Coverage Formula vs Overall Coverage Ratio

I am looking to verify the mathematical expressions defining coverage ratio and patch coverage. According to this page About Code Coverage page the code coverage ratio is defined as

coverage ratio = hits / (sum of hit + partial + miss)

This page FAQs states that the coverage ratio doesn’t factor in partially hit lines. I would’ve thought the same formula is applied to calculate the patch coverage, the only difference being patch focuses on changed lines. However, when I apply the same expression for change lines only I don’t get the same patch to what is return by the API/shown in the UI. I tried applying the below expression and got the same patch coverage (i.e patch coverage seems to factor in partially hit lines)

patch coverage ratio = (hits + partials) / (sum of hit + partial + miss)

Is there a reason why the there’s a difference how patch coverage and coverage ratio are calculated?

@ErnestFistozz can you link to where you are seeing this?

Solving this on our feedback repo.