Possible bug in the way .gcov files are processed

It looks like the gcov parser have a bug

  1. go to https://app.codecov.io/gl/styx-lang/styx/commit/90a650ac7b38eea9be30f2beb20ce78b241722fb
  2. click to expand the ast/base.sx file

You can see that the displayed content does not match to the source, a certain amount of lines is replaced with “- Declaration”.

In particular it seems that the problem would be caused by the second dash at line 6.

         -:  0:Source:/builds/styx-lang/styx/src/styx/ast/base.sx
         -:  1:/**
         -:  2:The base nodes of the AST
         -:  3:
         -:  4:The AST consists of 4 types of nodes
         -:  5:
         -:  6:- Declaration

@TungstenHeart, I’ll file a bug for this, that’s definitely weird.

@TungstenHeart ok, this should be fixed now!