Project coverage drops -.1% and unable to pass the check


requently my codecov would say something like 85%(<-0.1%) not thus not pass the check
i tried to use use threshold to mitigate it but it didnt work out

#basic settings
base: auto #branch, will use default branch in github
target: auto #this means it is compared to the base branch. change to 75% to make absolute.
threshold: .25 #this is the percent coverage can drop and still be considered a success build


Steps to Reproduce

The root cause is codecov is saying coverage dropped for files didn’t get touched in the new PR.

Expected behavior: files didn’t get changed should not drop coverage

Actual behavior: coverage dropped for files didn’t get touched

Flakiness? only sometimes but I don’t know why it happens


Running on CircleCI

Additional Information

Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.