Requesting codecov json report format

Hi, codecov team.

I want to get ‘advanced report json documentation’ which is mentioned in your document ( to develop Haskell command line tool for Codecov.

I know there is a command line tool, but latest compiler cannot compile the tool and it does not officially support haskell tool Stack, and the developer who develop the tool looks inactive nowdays. That’s why I want to make new one.

Could you provide the documentation for advanced report json? If not, could you let me know why?

@Ailrun thank you very much for being willing to develop a Haskell command line tool for Codecov. Checking into the advanced json documentation for you. @tom will follow-up once we nab it

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Hey @Ailrun --> on our end, we tracked down the original developer who wrote this part of the docs. Unfortunately, this was really just written around partial coverage and not super helpful.

What aspects of Codecov would you need to understand beyond the basics listed in the json report format?

Alternatively, if there is a Github project somewhere you are working on we can add contributors from our side.