Root of the sunburst graph on

Hi everyone. First of all thanks for the great tool, it’s been really useful so far.

I’m opening this issue because I have been unable to pick the root of the coverage in the sunburst graph of while it worked fine in the old Here is a before-after:

As you can see, due to the structure of my header-only C++ library, I have two levels of irrelevant folders (the root and /include) that I would like to disappear from the sunburst graph: I would like the root of the graph to be at /include/cpp-sort like it is in Skipping the two levels of irrelevant directory allowed to display a much clearer result by default.

It used to work and it doesn’t in without any change on my side, and I couldn’t find any option to pick the root of said graph. Is there an option to get the old behaviour back? If not, would it be possible to add one?

Thanks again for your work.

Hi @Morwenn, can you share the repo so that our product team can see if this is possible?

@tom Sure, here is the link to the repository: GitHub - Morwenn/cpp-sort: Sorting algorithms & related tools for C++14