Sporadic timeouts when uploading reports with Ruby uploader


We are seeing sporadic timeouts when uploading results from GitHub Actions using the codecov ruby gem (they sound similar to those that have been posted in other threads, but ours continue). Naturally, we would greatly appreciate any advice on how to resolve, if possible.




GitHub Actions


Ruby – the codecov gem. Command used is yarn coverage && codecov -t $OUR_TOKEN_HERE

Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML


Codecov Output

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Execute CI process (in our case, it’s running Ruby and JavaScript unit tests)
  2. Try to upload results using the Ruby CodeCov

Expected behavior: Upload will always occur successfully and not randomly fail with a timeout

Actual behavior: Every so often, the upload times out and the build fails

Flakiness? Sporadic.

Additional Information


Hi @danielmklein, we are working on upgrading the Ruby gem to be on parity with the bash uploader, but we recommend using the bash uploader if at all possible.

Would you be able to switch over and see if you are continuing to see timeouts?

@tom Yes, I think we can make that switch. Before I do that, am I correct in thinking that the Codecov GitHub Action (https://github.com/codecov/codecov-action) would also suffice here, since it appears to be underpinned by the bash uploader?

@danielmklein, yes that should suffice!