Sudden loss of React/UI coverage

If you look at the codecov dashboard you will see that on May 15th we had 75.19% coverage and on May 18th we had 89.6% coverage. This is because all the coverage for the “ui” directory suddenly dissapeared.

If you look at the commits around mid-may you will notice that on May 18th a simple change landed and that’s the only change on the 18th. That is the day we lost UI coverage.

That PR has the Travis/codecov results for:

  • When the change was tested on the 15th as part of the PR and there was no coverage loss
  • When it got merged three days later on the 18th the UI coverage was suddenly lost
  • The previous change to this one on the 15th had UI coverage

I think this is a Codecov regression (or Travis) since there were no changes on Treeherder’s code that could cause this. This is specially evident when the PR had UI code coverage while the merge on master three days later did not.

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.

This got resolved 8 days ago and I didn’t realized.

Somehow upgrading to codecov 3.7.2 from 3.7.1

Maybe this regex change might have fixed some oddness:

I can’t figure out how to close this. Help please :slight_smile: thanks!

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@armenzg, I can remove the post entirely or just make the upgrade to 3.7.2 the solution. What would you prefer? Also really happy you were able to get resolution here.

Probably marked as resolved with upgrading to the version since it might be useful to someone facing a similar situation.

Thanks for your help!