Throw 500 when login with Gitlab CE

I deploy codecov-enterprise with docker compose(, it seems work well.
But it throws 500 when I login with Gitlab Community Edition.

Marking this resolved as it’s been handled on a separate channel :slight_smile:

Is there anyway we can reference “separate channel” here as I am having the same issue with GHEE. Thanks

Hi @jordan-rash

If you are an Enterprise customer, please open a ticket so we can better assist.

Hey @drazisil, thanks for getting back to me. I am not a customer yet, I am trying to few products right now. In your site, it says that I can run the enterprise docker container without a key for a single user (reference attached). At this time, even with a single user, the tool is sending a 500 code. Thanks for the help.

Are you using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise. Either way, did you create the oauth app?

Enterprise…and yea, the Oauth app is up and running…even shows that 1 user is connected in the UI. Still I get the 500 when trying to connect. The only error that is throw is about the key. Now, in order to get it to start (since is didnt start allow for enterprise integration at all when I left the key field blank) I had to satisfy the regex to get the webserver to start (20 random chars). All this being said, I just want to know how to start the enterprise docker container without a key so I can test. Thanks

This is the error being thrown in the logs

web_1       |   File "site-packages/tornado/", line 1511, in _execute
web_1       |   File "site-packages/tornado/", line 1055, in run
web_1       |   File "site-packages/tornado/", line 238, in result
web_1       |   File "site-packages/tornado/", line 1069, in run
web_1       |   File "app/handlers/github/", line 49, in get
web_1       |   File "app/handlers/", line 924, in login
web_1       | KeyError: 'users'
web_1       | 2019-08-07 13:41:04 {6} [ERROR] {"method": "GET", "ms": "414", "reason": "Internal Server Error", "service": "ghe", "status": 500, "url": "/login/ghe?code=c0aa3xxxxxxx841450ca"}

I’ll need your config.yml, and since you’ve opened a ticket, lets handle it there and we can bring the solution back to the community if applicable.

@jordan-rash – I think our docs were a bit misleading and I’ve updated them. I’d love to provide you a trial license key though, no charge or expectation --> connect with us @ hello {at}

@jerrod Thanks for clearing that up. Yea unfortunately I had interrupted the “Codecov will run without a trial license key…” piece as Codecov Ent will run for a single user without a license key. Made sense to me for in order to allow folks to run POCs at their orgs (new docs are much more clear, thanks!). No worries though, I will spend the next couple days trying to get the environment back up and running, then I will reach out. Don’t want to pull a key before I can use it :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Sounds good! Look forward to providing a trial license key when the time is right.