Trying to understand why codecov thinks this code is not 'tested'


I’ve created some test that seems to work and passes. When I check the codecov report to see if the method has been ‘checked’ it seems to say that it’s not. So I’m not sure if this an issue with the report software (coverlet) or codecov.

If you look at the picture provided, it shows that I have hit builder.AddPolicyHandler has supposedly been called? but inside that, it calls another method ( GetRetryPolicy<T> ) which supposedly doesn’t get called.

Is there any way to try and see why this is not getting ‘covered’ by my test coverage?


(this is in a private repo. sorry)


  • Google Chrome version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • coverlet.console version 1.6.0
  • codecov.tool version 1.8.0

Additional Information


(because I can’t post 2+ images in a post … )

I’m pretty sure that GetRetryPolicy<T>(..) is called because if I put a breakpoint in that method, run the test … the code pauses at that breakpoint:

Hi @PureKrome, I’ve bumped your access so you can post multiple images.

The green highlight says the lines are covered, the red sidebar means they were not covered prior.

The images are a little old, UI wise, but it is discussed here

Please let me know if that helped.

Hi there Drazisil :slight_smile: Thanks kindly for reading and helping out - I really appreciated it.

I sorta already knew what the green/red lines mean, so it didn’t really answer my question.

It was more about: “why does codecov say those ‘red’ lines were NOT tested, when the screen show that it should call that method”. If you check the code and screenie, you can see that the green line (tested line) then calls a method … but that method are ‘red lines’ … so it doesn’t make sense?