UI glitch when codecov fails to get complexity information

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UI shows coverage information under complexity column when it fails to retrieve complexity from the coverage XML.
See below screenshot.

When you traverse into the files, it shows complexity as 0 and the relevant coverage information.

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Expected Results

Need to see the complexity as 0 and coverage as it is.

Actual Results

Please see above screenshot.

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@Dilhasha can you please provide a link to this screenshot and a commit SHA?

This is the link

Commit SHA

@Dilhasha I’m a little confused here. What are you expecting the complexity section to look like?

it needs to have the value as zero. But if you visit Codecov and scroll down to see the overview, the coverage percentage is shown in the complexity section and the coverage section is empty.
But when you click and traverse the project structure, you can see the correct values.

See below screenshot.

@Dilhasha oh got it, that makes sense. I’ll let the product team know.

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@Dilhasha apologies, this looks to have been fixed and I was not aware.

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