Unable to get response from Codecov API call


I’m trying to retrieve repository upload token through the Codecov API. I’m not sure if I’m calling the Codecov API correctly, but I get an empty response from the following curl command:

curl --max-time 5 --retry 10 -X GET https://codecov.io/api/pub/gh/<org-name>/<repo-name>/settings -H 'Authorization: token <my-token>'




N/A as this is not in a CI/CD environment


N/A because I’m not using an uploader

Commit SHAs

N/A because the repository has been created but not initialized

Codecov YAML


Codecov Output

curl command returns an empty reponse

Additional Information

If I understand the docs correctly, the curl command should return the settings of the given repo in a json dictionary. This is weird because the same command worked a few months ago – I was able to grab the upload token from the returned dictionary by indexing into “repo” -> “upload_token”. Is there a recent change in API specifications, or is this some other issue?

Nvm I figured out the working URL should be

curl --max-time 5 --retry 10 -X GET https://codecov.io/api/gh/<org-name>/<repo-name> -H 'Authorization: token <my-token>'
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