Unable to show line by line coverage

I’m getting following error when trying to inspect line coverage:

I’ve seen a similar issue: Codecov website can not show line by line coverage and tried to analyze the paths in the log, but they’ve seemed ok. Could it be something else that’s causing this type of error?


@Elringus I made a PR that should fix the issue.


This workflow is using an old Codecov uploader. The main issue is that if you look at the coverage reports

you’ll see that all the files are prepended with the repository name, DotNetJS

This is causing file mismatch problems for Codecov. If the move to the new uploader didn’t work, I probably would have tried running cd .. or ensuring that I’m in the top-most folder before running the Codecov uploader.

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Updating the uploader with the PR worked. Thank you very much!

I’m having the same problem as @Elringus but when downloading the report, the file paths look fine. Not just that, but whether codecov is able to show the file content seems random. 95% of the time I click on a file and get the message “There was a problem getting the source code from your provider. Unable to show line by line coverage.” and 5% of the time I get the file content, then if I refresh the page a few minutes later I’m getting the error message again.

Also when I list the commits, many of the commits show “commit message unavailable” rather than the actual commit message.

This is from a public github repo with the following action to upload coverage:

- name: Upload code coverage files
        run: |
          bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash)

Any idea why codecov is doing this?

EDIT: I changed my github workflow to this:

- uses: codecov/codecov-action@v3
    fail_ci_if_error: true
    verbose: true
    gcov: true

And I still have the problem.

@mdorier can you open a new topic for this?

@tom I am facing the same issue as @mdorier. It’s a public GitHub repository using GitHub actions and codecov/codecov-action@v3 to upload the report.

@willie-yao please open a new topic on this

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