Upload Issues (`Unable to locate build via Github Actions API`)

Hi everyone,

We have recently seen an influx in issues regarding uploading with the error message Unable to locate build via Github Actions API. The reason for the failed uploads is due to Codecov’s inability to check the validity of a coverage upload when using tokenless uploads. The underlying issue is rate-limiting from GitHub.

Am I having this problem?
If you are not using GitHub Actions, this problem should not affect you. The best way to find out is to see if you have had any failed GitHub Actions checks with the following error message Unable to locate build via Github Actions API in the Codecov upload step.

What should I do about it?
Although there is no 100% way of guaranteeing success, we recommend two ways of dramatically increasing successful uploads:

  1. Adding in the Codecov upload token even if your project is public.
  2. Re-trying the upload step in CI/CD.

What is Codecov doing about it?
Right now, we are exploring various options to decrease our use of GitHub’s API. We anticipate a longer-term solution in the next few weeks.

As the majority of users facing this issue should be on public repositories, if you would like to be reminded somehow, please post your GitHub username and the repository below. I’ll tag you in an issue on that repo.


(this is the repository most affected for me, but I use codecov on several repositories)

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Hit this again when I had to retry twice to get this setp to pass. A side effect of retrying manually though is that the check which waits for Codecov’s analysis never seems to pass and I had to override and merge without waiting for codecov’s results.

Repo: GitHub - melink14/rikaikun: rikaikun is a Chrome extension that helps you to read Japanese web pages by showing the reading and English definition of Japanese words when you hover over them.
user: melink14

Thank you for offering to keep us posted. We’ve been affected too. We’ll be happy to get the follow ups on repo GitHub - ReadAlongs/Studio: Audiobook alignment for Indigenous languages . My GitHub user name is joanise.

I’ve added my codecov token to GH Actions, and so far that worked well, so thanks for that.

Your second suggestion is to retry the upload step, but we use codecov/codecov-action@v3 and I don’t see a retry parameter in there. Is there a straightforward way to retry while keeping that action plugin?

One more question: Am I correct in assuming that when I use my CODECOV_TOKEN, the upload is actually more efficient because it’s pre-authentified and no further validation is required?

@jonny7 that is roughly correct

Any update? This affects our repos as well:

We use a codecov token, and we were able to upload earlier today, but the failure is consistently happening now, after multiple retries.