What's the difference between app.codecov.io and codecov.io?

Recently, I stumbled by chance over the fact that there isn’t just Code coverage done right. (that’s where the GitHub Codecov integration links me), but also Codecov – which fixes some annoying layout issues (yay), but on the other hand uses different code coverage coloring.

Anyway: I was wondering what the relation between the two is? Is this just an alternate view (where is this documented)? Or are the “app.” URLs a preview of an upcoming design? Are both going to stay around? Should I prefer one over the other?!

@fingolfin, you guessed right, we are in the middle of a design overhaul. We will eventually move towards only app. URLs, so I would stick with those ones.

When you say “stick with those ones” I assume you mean “change all your existing links to use those” ?

Also, will you add redirects for the old URLs to the new ones, so that legacy links in READMEs, manuals etc. are not broken?

@fingolfin, we will be redirecting old URLs to the new ones in order to not break legacy links. I would suggest using the new links going forward, but it should be backwards compatible.

Hi, thanks for the clarification! I stumbled on a similar issue (possibly related to the new design overhaul?).

When trying to view a file coverage report (line by line view), depending on if I’m from app or the “old” site, I’m presented with 2 differents URLs, and on only one I can see the coverage, for example:

Working URL:

Not working URL (the page loads fine, but the line-by-line report is not displayed):

Thanks again!

@mathieugouin, can you give some more details on how you got to those URLs? It seems both are on the codecov.io domain

@tom Thanks for the reply!

Here is how I got both these urls.

A. To get to the “non-working” page:

  1. When I am logged into codecov, the main page is: https://codecov.io/gh
  2. Then I click on my repo (tradesim). I am presented this page: https://app.codecov.io/gh/mathieugouin/tradesim
  3. From the “COVERAGE SUNBURST” graph, I click on “test”, then “test_marker.py”.
  4. I am presented the “non working” page (no line view of coverage data): https://codecov.io/gh/mathieugouin/tradesim/tree/master/test/test_marker.py

B. To get to the “working” page:

  1. Same as steps 1 & 2 in A.
  2. From the “Files” list (below the Sunburst graph), I click on “test”, then “test_marker.py”.
  3. I am presented the “working” page: https://codecov.io/gh/mathieugouin/tradesim/src/master/test/test_marker.py

C. I found another way to get a “non-working” page (it seems related to the fact that the file is from the root vs sub-folder):

  1. Same as steps 1 & 2 in A.
  2. From the “Files” list (below the Sunburst graph), I click on “finance_utils.py”.
  3. I am presented another “non-working” page: https://codecov.io/gh/mathieugouin/tradesim/tree/master/finance_utils.py

Hope this helps!


@mathieugouin this is very helpful, and I’ve forwarded to the product team.

I’m seeing different complexity numbers for the 2 URLs. Is it a known issue?

https://app.codecov.io/gh/wso2/carbon-apimgt (INCORRECT)

https://codecov.io/gh/wso2/carbon-apimgt/ (CORRECT)

Hi @bhathiya, I wanted to try your 2 URLs, and for some reason, the “non-app” URL redirects me to the “app” URL. Could it be related to the browser thinking I’m accessing the page from a mobile/tablet device? However, I’m really from a desktop Chromium.

@mathieugouin make sure you don’t drop the last forward slash. otherwise it redirects to the app version.

@tom do you have any idea about this? will it be fixed in the app version any sooner?

@bhathiya, the product team has been made aware of the issue. I don’t have a timeline for you when this will be fixed yet.

@mathieugouin, we have fixed the issue regarding the non-working urls

@bhathiya we have rolled out a fix for the different complexity numbers issue you were seeing.

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