When codecov.ci is set to travis-ci.com, build links point to travis-ci.org, and are broken


For some open source projects, build links point to travis-ci.org even though they’re being built on travis-ci com. This makes the build links broken.


Broken links here: https://codecov.io/gh/rlworkgroup/garage/commit/624819b5d5a3d7311ec37d21ea17922f83d89567/build

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create repo using travis-ci org (possibly not required).
  2. Move repo to travis-ci com
  3. Explicitly set ci to “travis-ci.com” (not required).

Expected behavior: Build links should point to travis-ci com

Actual behavior: Build links point to travis-ci org

Flakiness? This happens all of the time.


Not relevant.

Additional Information

I’ve had to break the urls I put above because “I can’t post more than 4 links.”

Hi @krzentner, it looks like the build links are working, are you still experiencing this issue?