Wrong build failed status on codecov


The latest builds of my project always show up as failed on codecov, whereas the build did not fail. Latest commit: See commit 9cd97c239d69a8a0d5bcabbfb6e7351bcd9f1cd3 (can’t insert link as I’m only allowed to post two links)

The project is being built with Travis: see link in project README.md, as I’m only allowed to post two links
And also by a Jenkins instance: http://sppdteamtuner.hopto.org:9999/job/Sppd.TeamTuner-Test-Upload-Codecov/11/
The Jenkins build only exists for the Codecov coverage upload as Codecov-exe doesn’t support other platforms than Windows currently.

Where does the build status displayed in Codecov come from? And more importantly, what can I do to reflect the real build status?

Please discard. I had forgotten that I’ve played around with AppVeyor which marked the build as failed on Github, which very likely is the status being displayed on Codecov.

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