All of certain repository's commits are hangs on "Processing..."


All of certain repository’s commits are hangs on “Processing…”

Commit SHAs

b997d802be61e7336496557cbfb030af97d59a87 (much more)


CI/CD or Build URL

Github CI


Github actions.

Codecov Output

Expected Results

Should be shows result

Actual Results

hangs with Processing…

Additional Information

Also, (almost) same configuration on other (not my) repository is successfully runs the processing.

@MPThLee can you run the v2 version of the action?

@tom Nope. It was v1. I’m trying v2 now.

Update: Seems like it still stuck on ‘Processing…’

@MPThLee, the cobertura.xml file that you are uploading has a file without a filename.

<class name="binary-reader" filename="" line-rate="0.754601226993865" branch-rate="0" complexity="0">

I see coverage for src/ and src/ I’d maybe cat the file before uploading to Codecov to see what that file might be coming from.

This was upstream, coverage tool’s issue. Thanks for help. Now it works.

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